KP Brehmer, Augenfilm, 1967 — inflatable PVC sculpture

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With the provocations of Egypt in May of 1967, culminating in the blockade, Israel had no intention of simply rolling over. The government had long made clear that a blockade of their Red Sea access would be seen as an act of war, and regardless of Nasser’s intentions, Israel was willing to accept it as such. 
On the morning of June 5th, an all-out strike was launched without preamble. In what has since often been heralded as the most successful air operation of all time, the Israeli air attack was able to destroy over 450 Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian aircraft, or more than 2/3 of the Arab states’ entire air forces, and significantly damage most military airfields. Surprise complete, most were knocked out on the ground. Possessing less than 200 combat aircraft at the beginning of the war - and losing only 19 that day - Operation Focus caused a major swing in the balance of forces, and afforded Israel an unexpected level of air superiority for the duration of the Six-Day War.

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A Loyd carrier of the anti-tank platoon of 3rd Battalion, Irish Guards explodes during 30 Corp’s advance up the Eindhoven road at the start of Operation ‘Market-Garden’, 17 September 1944.

Egyptian defenses in the Sinai crumbled almost instantaneously with the Israeli attack. Not only were they caught off guard by the surprise decision to begin combat operations itself, but Egyptian contingencies had expected the IDF to concentrate on the south and central parts of the border, instead of the actual axes of attack through concentrated mostly in the north. In the few regions where Egyptian defenders did put up strong resistance, Israeli airpower soon turned out even the most committed defenders. By the end of June 5th, most of the Sinai defenders were in full retreat, and at the mercy of the advancing Israelis. Out flanked as they fell back to the Suez, on June 8th at Mitla Pass (above) the retreating Egyptians were funneled into Israeli positions and subject to punishing fire from both air and ground. Estimates for that day alone are of 10,000 killed. Israel would report 338 lost for the whole operation.

Yahuna indians, East Colombia, dance of the wood ghosts 19th c

Digitalis Purpurea, Albert Renger-Patzsch, ca. 1924